Monty's Brewery is an award winning brewery based near Montgomery, Powys, in the heart of Mid Wales.

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  • Welcome To Monty's Brewery - Contemporary Ales Brewed in Wales
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  • NEWS - Our Brewery Visitor Centre is open at The Cottage, Montgomery. Click here for more info.
  • Desert Rats, our Summer Session Brew, is now available in CASK. A 5p donation from every pint is made to SSAFA.
  • Monty’s Magnitude wins Champion Barley Wine of Wales 2016.

The Monty's Brewery story...

Monty’s Brewery is based just a short distance from the ancient castle town of Montgomery, on the Powys - Shropshire border. The growth of Monty’s from a small, family run, start up to an established enterprise, exporting beer all over the world, has been a fast paced and exciting journey.


It was in June 2008 that the first seeds were sown by owners Pam and Russ Honeyman. Over a quiet pint and Sunday lunch they pondered, ‘Shall we build a brewery?’. Soon after, Pam was off to Brewlab at Sunderland University, returning back with a plan and a recipe. It was in January 2009 when the first casks were produced. It was only the third brew before Monty’s Sunshine started to get the recognition it still enjoys today, winning the “Darlington Spring Thing CAMRA Beer Festival”.


Now with over sixteen regular, seasonal and specials brews and four local pubs, Monty’s has firmly established itself as Mid Wales’ premier brewery. Bottling has become an integral part of the production process, and in January 2013 a new bottling plant was installed. 2014 saw the introduction of Masquerade, a gluten free beer which won Monty’s its first international award.


Combine all of this with a developing export business and exciting plans for expansion, Monty’s continues to be a fantastic success story for Mid Wales.


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Monty's Brewery : Brewing Beer the Monty's way!

It’s All About The Hops...

Hops are dried flowers or cones which are used in the brewing industry to give beer important, individual characteristics.


In the past it was discovered that with hops, the beer was less likely to spoil and research has proved that hops have antibacterial properties which help to prolong the life of the beer.












There are four main benefits hops bring to beer. They add bitterness; this makes you want another drink. They give beers aroma - from earthy and grassy to citrus and spicy depending on which variety of hops are used. The dried flower opens up during the brewing process and acts as a natural cleaning agent or finings, to help get a clear, bright pint. Lastly the antiseptic property of the hops help to extend the life of the beer.


At Monty’s we carefully hop our beers with the view to giving them the best balance between great taste and making sure it’s an easy ‘I’ll have another one of those’ decision when it comes to the next round...

Brewing Monty’s Beer...

Monty’s started with a single brewster and we now employ an additional full time brewer (with over 10 years experience between them).


We’ve a superb collection of all the usual mashing tanks, brewing vessels, pipes, valves and brewing paraphernalia; and we sure know how to use them! Last year we brewed just short of 300,000 pints.


At Monty’s we still brew the traditional way, whilst using the latest modern methods. Here’s how we do it... We mix malted barley thoroughly with brewing liquor (hot water) and allow it to steep into mash. After steeping, this mash is sparged (washed) with additional liquor and transferred into a tank called a copper. This liquid is now referred to as wort. In the copper the wort is boiled and various hops are added for bitterness and aroma.












The wort is then cooled through a heat exchanger and transferred into fermenting vessels where it is mixed with yeast. Fermentation takes between three to five days, depending on the strength of the brew, as the yeast slowly breaks down the sugars in the wort into alcohol and CO2. At the end of fermentation the beer is either bottled or racked into casks, allowed to mature and is then ready for sale.




Regular & Seasonal Brews...

At Monty’s we select only the best ingredients we can get our hands on.


Each brew is carefully tested for flavour, colour and taste. Our brewing team brew thousands of pints a week and are always proud of the beer that leaves the brewery.


All of our beers have been crafted to appeal to people who love traditional beer and are looking for a contemporary ale that has great flavour but is not overpowering or excessively hopped. We like to think you’ll want to have more than just the one pint of Monty’s...













Our regular brews are Sunshine, Mischief, MPA, Hilltop, Moonrise, Old Jailhouse, Midnight & the gluten free Masquerade. These are firm favourites with our customers and between them they have won a host of SIBA, CAMRA and Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards.


Our seasonal brews include Buds Of May, Mojo, Maple & Desert Rats. These are available at special times throughout the year and have been created to reflect the various seasons. Match, our sporting session ale, is brewed throughout the year to coincide with sporting occasions.


In the run up to Christmas we produce the very popular Ding Dong, which is a crisp, dry golden ale perfect for accompanying Christmas dinner and festive fun.


“We hope you enjoy drinking our beers as much as we enjoy brewing them.”



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Visiting Mid Wales? Try one of our Hophouse Inns or visit our NEW Visitor Centre!


The Monty's Brewery Tap

Situated in Newtown, Powys, The Sportsman was winner of Montgomeryshire CAMRA Pub of the Year 2014.


Visit for info.


Our NEW Visitor Centre

We recently acquired ownership of The Cottage in Montgomery.

This has become our new visitor centre, tasting room & brewery shop.


Click here to learn more!


Experimental Brews

Come and see our pilot plant at our visitor centre, where you can watch our brewers creating unique, one off brews; which you can then purchase at the bar!


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